Lucy is positively amazing! 🙂 We did the petco puppy classes where she was clearly the smartest pup there,

then I sent her through the Colorado Prison Training Program – (which I highly recommend) & she did GGGGREAT

there too! She is beautiful, & people say as much every day. Super personality, kind, smiley, loving, & has potential

to hunt! (I’ve noticed her unyielding bird fascination, pointing, & duck release at ponds which I intended to nurture)

She will be going back  to the Prison Training for advanced obedience & hand signal hunting training after she turns

a year. The prison & all the residents loved her & she helped a few dogs there to be better socialized & play! I cannot

say enough about what an incredible puppy she is & I recommend your kennel weekly because everyone asks where

I got her when they see her.

Thank you,
Erin & Lucy


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  1. Katy S. says:

    Hello Erin and Lucy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story! We are waiting to welcome our puppy within the next 2 months and would like to get in touch with you in regards to the training that you mentioned. 🙂

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