Colorado Cell Dogs Training Program

Hi Sharol,

Erin and her puppy Lucy invited me to attend an alumni training session with them at the Colorado Prison Canine Training Program.
I had previously been told about the program by two other families who had their puppies attend the program.
Everyone who had gone has been very happy and gave the training rave reviews.
The trainers are specially trained inmates who spend intensive time with the dog who is there for 4 weeks.
After the month long training alumni refresher training is offered every week for free for the rest of their life.

Training that is offered includes; basic obedience, advanced obedience, hunting training, assistance dog training, therapy dog training and assistance for Autistic people.

You may have seen similar programs on Animal Planet.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the trainers. I am thankful I was privileged to have been invited to see the program.

Here is the link if you may be interested.

Erin&LucyErin and Lucy (one of our AKC Standard Poodle pups)

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