An update on Goldendoodle puppy Herkamer

Hi Sharol, We absolutely love our puppy we got from you last Christmastime. Herkamer has been nothing but a joy! He is 9 months old now, getting started in his therapy dog training courses. He is bell-potty trained and knows a hand full of tricks, including how to dance. He is about 60lbs- but has no idea. He will jump in your lap on the couch and actually enjoys being picked up. Most of all, he loves loves loves water and mud.




Herkamer is such a ham- he gets all the attention anywhere we go and loves meeting new people. He has  developed quite a unique personality- he is mischievous and playful, and very adventurous. He recently developed a new love of putting his head out the window of the car.  He is a great little boy!

We can’t help but smile every time we see his face!

Thank you so much!









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