An update on Goldendoodle puppy Chipper



Hi Sharol,

I purchased one of your Goldendoodle puppies in the Fall of 2015. I named him Chipper! I just wanted to write and tell you how absolutely wonderful Chipper is. He is so smart, has such a wonderful temperament and is so handsome! Everyone that meets Chipper loves him. He is the happiest dog! I am so pleased with the outcome and just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Chip! A funny coincidence happened.. A new guy started at my job and when we began to chat we found out that he actually has Chipper’s brother from the same litter! We have been able to get them together to play and both dogs are so wonderful!                                  Thanks so much                                                                                                                                                                      Amanda  chipper2



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  1. jiani says:

    hi i was wondering whether your puppy can be shipped or not, how and how much !
    thanks a bunch!

    • terryfarm says:

      I cannot ship puppies anymore. The Federal Government changed the rules to require a FDA License to ship puppies. We have a State of Colorado License but we don’t have a Federal License.


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