Golden Retriever Puppy Grizzly

Hi Sharol,

Grizzly is so happy here. I can’t thank you enough for how well you raised him. He is so easy going and confident. He had a very busy 1st day and was so easy to adapt to everyone and everything. Slept like a champion in his crate and loves everything. We are so in love. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Trainer comes tonight and I think he will be a star!!

Terry Family Farm Kennel is a small hobby kennel breeding Golden Retriever puppies in Denver Colorado. All of our puppies are bred to the AKC standards. We love what we do, we breed for great temperaments and intelligence. Terry Family Farm Kennel fully guaranteed for puppies hips and eyes for two years. The main goal of our kennel is to breed a versatile dog, one who will be a loving family pet as well as a dog who can serve.

In other words: a dog that can do it all.

Terry Family Farm Kennel is enjoying the 5th generation of family farming. We have seen many transformations of farming over the years. Beginning 70 years ago, the Terry farm started as a truck farm then was a dairy farm for 30 years. Jim Terry, daughter Sharol and granddaughter Katie have a great love of animals especially dogs. We want to share this love for special dogs with others who are seeking a beautiful new family member.


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  1. Claudia B says:

    What a beautiful puppy!!!! I can’t wait to meet ours!!

  2. Claudia B says:

    Who are Grizzly’s parents? (the 4-legged ones)

  3. nichole984 says:

    Really cute Golden Retriever puppy!!!!!!

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