Hello Terry Family!

I wanted to send you guys an update on Milo and I finally had the time to do so!
Milo finally received his last shots last week so he gets to start his training classes soon which is very exciting for the both of us! He is 29 lbs, and that hair keeps getting curlier and curlier as time goes by.
He wakes us up every morning at 6:15 on the dot so we hardly have to set our alarms for work. He loves his morning walks and smelling all the blooming flowers. He’s doing very well with not going potty in the house, we haven’t had an accident in a couple weeks now. He loves to ring his bell at the front door even when he doesn’t have to go potty – he’s too smart for his own good. Haha. We are still searching for a house but Milo doesn’t mind the apartment. He loves sitting on the balcony and watching the cars drive by when we are inside and he is very very spoiled so we are constantly having to pick up toys and bones.
He chews on everything in sight! He loves sneaking into our closet and chewing on shoes when we forget to close the door so we have had to learn that there is no more just leaving our shoes by the front door when we get home (which was an adjustment for us too, haha). He also doesn’t love that he isn’t allowed on the furniture, especially now that he’s big enough to jump on the couches.
We are so thankful for Milo – we never really knew how much our home was missing till we got him. He has turned our lives upside down but we love every moment of it.
Here is a couple pictures of Milo now!
Kind regards,

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