Taking care of a new puppy that will grow into a beautiful adult dog involves much more than buying dog food and puppy toys. Please, keep in mind that you are now your puppy’s family, you are a leader, a teacher and you are your puppy’s ultimate guide. In a dog family, there is always a pack leader or we can say the alpha dog. A new puppy looks to the leader for direction in every aspect of their life and behavior.

The puppy’s boss navigates them to be an acceptable member of the family. From day one, you are that supreme boss, the alpha, the leader, and your puppy expects you to teach it how to be a suitable member of your family. If you do not accept this responsibility, at first, your puppy will lose faith in you. Second, your puppy will have to figure out on its own what is okay and what isn’t. As a consequence, your puppy may grow into a kind of self-thought alpha dog, following its own desires.

Thus, if you guide and correct your puppy right from the start, you’ll end up with a dream dog that not just understands you but somehow miraculously anticipates your every wish and command.

Forming good habits early in life is easier and more gentle than breaking bad habits in an older puppy.

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