An update on Goldendoodle Mr. Bob Wiley

Hi Sharol,

I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Donny Martin and I’m the United pilot that lives in Virginia that picked up a golden doodle 3 years ago. I have meant to check in over the past couple years, but life got in the way 🙂 we just wanted to let you know how much we love Mr. Bob Wiley. He is the BEST dog! To be honest the first year was tough, but once a year hit he calmed down and is everyone’s favorite.

We have traveled with him cross country in the car, hiked mountains, take him into big crowds of people and he never complains and never causes any problems- really he is the life of the show! We take him jogging and never pulls/drags/stops, just trots next to us. It is awesome! He acts WAY WAY WAY better than all of our neighbor’s doodles even though (I’m embarrassed to say) that we have never professionally trained him. I included some pics. Thank you again. We are so grateful we chose you as a breeder.

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