I can’t believe how smart our girl is! She is top dog in her class. She’s also the happiest pup, always wagging her whole body all over the place. I got to meet Starr and Sir Lancelot and they both had wonderful temperaments.

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  1. Soco says:

    Hi do you only have standard size dogs? I am looking for a golden doodle but a medium size
    Thank you

    • terryfarm says:

      Thank you for your interest in our puppies.
      I expect to have a litter of Goldendoodle born late summer early fall. I will print your email and put it on file. I will contact you when I have a girl bred and have an approximate due date.

      All of our Goldendoodle puppies range from almost white to deep golden and all shades in between. The litters are very close to the same, with AKC parents the puppies are VERY consistent

      You can see pictures of past Labradoodle/Goldendoodle puppies on our web site. Their coats are wavy. Pictures of moms and dad are on the web site as well.
      The puppies will be about the size of a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, females approx 55-60 lbs. We are only breeding F1s. Puppies are very consistent in litters with AKC parents (F1s)
      Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are very similar, I have been fooled a couple of time in the store running into a Labradoodle when I thought it was a Goldendoodle. Both Golden and Labrador Retrievers are service dogs and hunting dogs and have very similar temperaments. They are both wonderful family dogs and love all kids, people and other animals.
      They are low/no shedding with a few hairs like people is what is getting reported back to me. Also people with allergies and asthma are having NO problems with these dogs. A good web site to refer to is http://goldendoodles.com
      The parents will be on site.
      The Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are $1550.00; When the puppies are born I accept deposits of $250.00 to hold the pup of your choice until they are ready to be taken home at 8 weeks old when the balance of $1300.00 is due. The deposit of $250.00 is payable in cash, check, credit/debit card or Paypal. Please call if using a card, Paypal is at terryfamilyfarm@gmail.com.
      If you choose one of our puppies you get ACHC registration papers, their first puppy shots and dewormed, a toy, collar, food and information packet. The information packet includes; a baby picture, pictures of mom and dad, puppy?s pedigree, general puppy information, Goldendoodle/Labradoodle information, and 2 year hip and eye health contract guarantee.
      There are more pictures on the home page of the web site and you can look at past post as well for pictures.
      Please contact me with any questions.
      You are welcome to visit the puppies in my home in Arvada after their first shot.


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