Gamification is essential for improving pupils’ focus levels. As a result, we can claim that the gamification explosion will offer online learning a new edge. Students prefer learning approaches that do not interfere with their regular schedules and give easy access to information.

The standard of education app development in India & USA is rapidly increasing day by day with the amount of demand by the education institutions for it. Duolingo is the best educational mobile app for learning new languages. Technology-enabled solutions have undeniably helped advance all industries, including education. But why should you consider developing a mobile e-learning app like Khan Academy App, Duolingo, and DragonBox education businesses? Our on-demand education app development services fulfill business requirements of audio and video learning, lecture scheduling, appointment management and more with intuitive UI and fast performance.

Educational mobile app development

The definitive cost is different for each project.But if you are interested we can always calculate it for you. The app Elevate makes memory and attention training fun, with lots of different puzzles and speed challenges. These are visual awards that users can get for achieving a certain goal. They can either be visible to everyone or only in the user’s profile.

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According to the study conducted by Global Market Insights, the E-learning market crossed $315 billion last 2021. This number is estimated to grow in the coming years exponentially. The market is forecasted to grow at a 20% CAGR between 2022 and 2028. Whether it’s Retail & eCommerce, On-Demand Solutions, Healthcare, Education, Finance and Banking, etc., APPWRK has extensive experience solving challenging industry-specific business problems. If you haven’t integrated social media marketing into your digital strategy then you are missing a powerful marketing opportunity.

Make learning fun and engaging with our educational gaming app development services. With the help of quizzes and reward-based learning mechanism, keep your students interested in your lessons and courseware. Madhu is a Project Manager at Soft Suave, where our team develops the next-gen applications for global businesses. He will consult you on the web & mobile app development project. Each student is unique, especially in terms of learning abilities, intelligence, study habits, and needs. A great educational app allows students to customize the app based on their personal preferences and needs.

Educational mobile app development

Our educational mobile app development service starts at $18 per hour. You can also hire our expert mobile app developers full-time and part-time. Full-time mobile app developers’ rate starts from $2800 per month. Part-time mobile app developers’ rate starts from $2000 per month.

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Made to increase users’ vocabulary, dictionary apps are numerous. Some of them have additional functions like the Merriam-Webster app with games and the word of the day. It allows teachers or other presenters to create quizzes that students can take on their phones. Kahoot is great for testing students’ understanding of the subject, reaching those staying at home, and even collecting opinions with polls. Can also help teachers organize information, conduct, and structure the lesson, as well as track students’ progress.

From ideation to launch, we follow a holistic approach to full-cycle product development. If you plan to offer an learning management systems as a service to your businesses, you’ll need to choose a niche. Here are some examples of popular learning management systems for schools. Ads are the most popular monetization model since it allows customers to use the platform for free.

Classroom education apps

The assistance of a UX/UI specialist should help you improve the user experience. Before you get down to learning management software educational mobile application development development, make sure to run a market analysis. To help you with your research, we’ve collected the main trends in edutech.

Contact us if you’re ready to create a unique educational solution for the world. We have over 15 years of work experience in the industry as an education and e-learning apps development company in India. Through these years, we have worked with a lot of different companies, having a lot of different requirements. We have worked with the biggest of the MNCs and we have also worked with recently incubated start-ups.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every market sector, and the education industry is no exception. Today more and more people prefer to study anytime and anywhere using only a smartphone. How to build an educational app, you need to know how to improve its profitability. Moreover, the range of lessons can be extremely wide, from reading to arithmetic. However, analysis of the logs shows that this use appears to be much more intensive. The results present 6.6 accesses to the device per class/student in the class with the fewest accesses, and for the highest case, 313 accesses to the device per class/student.

As a rule, it can take our team 3 to 15 months to deliver a high-quality eLearning solution. The exact timeline depends on the app’s complexity and the number of development stages. Moreover, learning apps demonstrate the learning progress by listing active and completed courses, badges, certificates, accomplishments, and goals.

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We’ve already spoken about it when discussing the benefits of service-learning apps. By the way, you can even think of rewarding excellent students with interesting gifts, even virtual ones. Another suggestion would be the use of mobile applications that record these usage behaviours (Raento et al., 2009). The central focus of this study is, therefore, to show preliminary results of the use of applications by students in class time during theoretical classes, through logs collected during class time. No educational infrastructure required except for the mobile app that gives you everything you need to conduct successful online classes. Give your students a real-world experience of receiving online education through live video streaming.

  • If you haven’t integrated social media marketing into your digital strategy then you are missing a powerful marketing opportunity.
  • You need to divide features into two groups according to the users’ roles — for students and teachers.
  • We provide dedicated resources to all our education and e-learning apps development projects which helps us ensure high quality services.
  • You may develop mobile solutions for corporate users and educational institutions to enable them to run check-ups more efficiently.

Students can take math, arts, informatics, and other classes. The platform offers iOS and Android apps to let learners study anywhere. Developing an educational app, you can consider Khan Academy features since the platform is popular all over the world. Developing an educational app, you need to consider solutions for kids. These days, children spend a lot of time playing games on their tablets. Kids can learn how to read, write, or count with the help of applications, so developing tablet applications for education is a great idea.

Breakdown useful information into different media forms like images, videos to hold the learner’s attention. You can take the help of content specialists as they can think of different ways to represent content creatively. When thinking about offering a wide range of courses, users will need a search bar to browse through the available courses. Well, then be prepared to pay a king’s ransom for the educational content. You won’t succeed by feeding mediocre user-generated content or marketing-driven pieces .

Creating Student ‘APPRENEURS’

The app charges a monthly, short-term, or yearly subscription fee. From 2021 to 2022, the demand for LMS platforms spiked due to the growing practice of bringing your own device among companies. The BYOD trend is set to stay with the rising popularity of post-pandemic hybrid work settings. With incorporation of Big data analytics, you can make learning more insightful through performance tracking, daily reports etc. Seeing these numbers, if you are looking ahead to make a perfect entry to the industry or upgrade the existing processes of your education institution, do not remain sitting on the fence.

The Type of Educational Application

The best way of doing it is by keeping the navigation clear and self-explanatory that is capable enough to handle any alterations that might occur at a later stage. Learners turning to the application for education indicate that they want to have more than just a textbook experience. Hence, make sure your app is not getting overloaded with just text information.

#4. Reference apps

So, you can use the app/website to connect with universities and offer their courses. Blockchain integration to our eLearning app development solutions helps in secure and authenticated convention. This also alleviates data threats and other cybersecurity issues. Chatbots not only provide a tailored learning environment, but they also allow lectures to be converted into chat chats. It can also be used to convert lectures into a series of messages. This game-changing technology will determine the kids’ comprehension level.

In addition to technologies for standard features, you can implement advanced tools when you build an educational app for your business. They will allow you to create features to expand and deepen the learning experience. A bunch of powerful tools can be used for e-learning app development.

It sets the tone for the user’s experience and helps the app to stand out. Whether it would be a playful style with lots of illustrations and animation or a simple one with photos and videos — is up to you. We start by working out the internal logic of the app and creating a mindmap. When the logic is coordinated, we determine the app’s style.

TypeScript is a programming language designed by Microsoft covering both client-side and server-side development. This ongoing task ensures your application is up to date and is always running to the best of its abilities. Maintenance activities also cover regular feature updates, emergency resolution, and audits for iOS and Android. Without this phase, you may end up with a product built for the wrong audience. Therefore, you should identify market opportunities to set up your project for success. Although most schools and courses shifted back to in-person learning, the eLearning sector hasn’t lost its popularity.

By taking an online course, users can study online at any time and anywhere! So, by developing an educational app, you provide users the opportunity to study subjects they want on a convenient schedule. The User Experience of mobile applications is much better than that of websites, because they don’t require users to download large files or install software onto their devices to use them. Mobile apps generally perform faster than websites because they load quicker and store content locally, rather than relying on an internet connection for streaming. Another factor that decides the cost of an app is the platform it is being created for.

While Edmodo is a social network-like service, which makes it easy to use for anyone familiar with Facebook. Firstly, a user would want it to be smooth, secure, and compatible with different mobile operating systems and interfaces. In addition, one would expect the mode of communication to be reliable and quick. Considering the pandemic and its proceedings, the users of the platform would prefer a smooth and efficient experience. It can be complicated to create a social media app from sketch without development skills and experience.

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